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  1. Cach26

    Cinnamon and Hydrogen Peroxide in Slipper Orchid Crown

    Hello everyone, welcome to a new episode of Mythbusters XD What do you think of the use of Cinnamon and Hydrogen Peroxide in the crowns of the Sneakers? Cinnamon: I have heard it a lot for crown rot, but they also say that it is useful so that water does not settle on the crown when it is...
  2. Ernesto

    Help with Phrags?

    I received these phrags from Ecuagenera about two weeks ago and trimmed obviously dead leaves, but the stuff I left intact is bothering me. Can I get some opinions on these? Phrag. Eumelia Arias. I’ve noticed it’s growing new roots but the browning I left is concerning. Phrag. Super...