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May 18, 2015
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Boise, Idaho
I have an 8x16 greenhouse that I outfitted with RO water source and a Aquafog turbo XE connected to a humidistat and activated with a solenoid (at significant expense). I am biased to the cultivation of Phrag Kovachii though all othe slippers are welcome as appropriate.
My set up works great with great temperature and humidity control (never more than 80 dregrees Fduring day, about 50-60 at night, and 70-80%RH). Unofrtunately a neighbor is complaining about the noise of the Aquafog and I need to find an alternate way to provide humidity and any evaporative cooling that I can with some other system. I am seeking thoughts on an alternate methodology for this. Clearly if I forked out for an Aquafog I am less concerned about cost than efficiency of humidifying with a relatively quiet system.
All thoughts are welcome. Many thanks ahead of time for the help.
Ultrasonic sytems. House of Hydro has single emitter systems up to I think 9 emitter systems, which should be suitable for a small greenhouse. (I use one of the smaller ones for my cloud forest in a box.)

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