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@ Mathias: Yes, it needed a lot of professional help
@ goldenrose: power normally doesn´t go out, maybe for one hour every ten years
@ Lint: The whole object has a security system

Today, I show some pics from the interior:




Best regards, Gina
What a great set-up! It makes my greenhouse look primitive!

Primitive? Compared to yours, mine should have been blasted off the face of the Earth along with the dinosaurs! In fact I like yours a lot better. My position is to invest in orchids as much as I can and make do with the structure I have, and can afford. That german Mercedez of a g/h is probably worth much more than my house. :poke:
I love the very German efficiency of this! It simply shows very well now technical expertise can help us, if we have the available funds. I would love to automate some of the processes in my greenhouse, but at the moment the real goal for me is to do it all as energy efficiently as possible. This automation draws power, and I'm trying to do it passively when I can. Hence I'll be putting in two new low ventilation windows on the end opposite the intake, making the shading adaptable as easily as possible by me -etc.
As for the water - well, right now it's simply from the tap. It's not great - about 240 - 270 ppm and quite alkaline, but it's what I have. I'll work out what to do later.
To add, I too would love to be ABLE to do the wonderful water system you have Gina! Your greenhouse is fabulous, and I'm eager to see more! I'm so glad you have joined us! Do you have lots of paphs?
Yes, I have some Paph´s, Phrag´s and hardy Cyp´s, in the garden.
At the moment most of them are not in flower. I believe that it really makes no sense to compare cultivation of orchids in San Francisco and in Munich. Climates are very different. We can have very hard winters with a lot of snow, this has to be respected in construction of buildings. For example: we have to add a fictive additive weight of snow of 1,15kNn per squaremeter of the roof . That´s the reason why the shading panels of the greenhouse are made of 18mm unbreakabe glass.
Be happy not to have to do constructions like this in the place where you live.
Best regards, Gina
What a great set-up! It makes my greenhouse look primitive!
I don't want to say what mine looks like in comparison but .....
I'm still glad to be able to have it!

@ goldenrose: power normally doesn´t go out, maybe for one hour every ten years
HUH , not fair!

please keep in mind that women can spend good money also.
WHAT??? :p didn't you know that that is one of our many jobs?:rollhappy:
Today, I would like to share with you some pics of the quite mixed collection:


Coelogyne speciosa


Gongora armeniaca cornuta


Laelia purpurata


Vanda lamellata var boxallii


Cattleya intertexta


Aeranthes grandiflora


Cycnoches peruviana

And some paphs too:





Best regards, Gina

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