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[FONT=&quot]Our greenhouse in Munch was built in 2009-2010. It is situated at the south front of the house where a loggia and a terrace formerly had been located.

[/FONT]Today, it looks like this:

[FONT=&quot]The greenhouse is about 50 square meters wide and is divided into two parts. Because of this it´s possible to provide two different climate zones.

[/FONT]Concerning the heating: Munich is situated at about 520 m above sea level. We have an average annual temperature of about 9,5°C and in winter about 55 days of 0°C and less. Sometimes temperature falls down to - 20°C in the city. The heating of the greenhouse is provided by two different systems, which work either separately or together.

[FONT=&quot]Along the glass front, there are convector panels to provide the circulation of warm air at the cold surface of the glass.

[/FONT] Also there is a heating under the surface of the floor, to have comfortable temperatures when working barefooted in the greenhouse. The second effect is that, after watering, the floor quickly gets dry again.

[FONT=&quot]Ventilation is done by two fans combined with windows at the ceiling, which open automatically, determined by time and temperature.

[/FONT] Humidification is provided by two humidifiers, which convert osmosis- water to fog by ultrasonic sound. (The same system is used in supermarkets to protect the vegetables from shrivelling)


[/FONT][FONT=&quot]There are humidity-sensors in both parts of the greenhouse. It is possible to regulate different rates of relative humidity. It looks quite cloudy, when the humidity- units are working.[/FONT]

Water in Munich is very clean (needs no purification and no additives). It has a quality like mineral water, i.e. it contains a lot of minerals, so we call that kind of water ´hard´. Actually we measured a conductivity about 550 µS and a hardness of water of about 20°DH (° DH means ´Deutsche Härtegrade´). That´s a too big amount of ingredients for orchid- cultivation.
[FONT=&quot]First we soften the water with a softening unit:

[/FONT][FONT=&quot]The second step is to prepare osmosis water (which is needed for the humidity-units, they can´t handle hard water). Osmosis water is collected in a 200l tank. It is also used for watering the plants with added fertilizer

The third thing we do is collecting rainwater from the roof of the house in a 5 m³ cistern for storing water, which we situated in a former swimming pool, about 60cm below garden-level[/FONT]

Inside the greenhouse there are 4 taps to be able to access the different kinds of water: Rainwater, osmosis water, normal water and a mixture of osmosis and normal water, which has a conductivity of 60µS

Sun-shading is done by a system of moving sun-breakers, panels of anti-sun-glass, which take off 80% of light. There are photometry instruments outside, which measure the intensity of daylight and open and close the panels by a certain software. At the moment, above 50.000 lux shading closes totally.

[FONT=&quot]During the winter, there is a additional lighting between 16h-21h

[FONT=&quot]There also is an additional LED- Grow-light at the ceiling of the former loggia, which is used at dark days in summer too.

[/FONT][FONT=&quot]All the facilities of the greenhouse are controlled by a so called ´bus-system´, nearly every action can be determined and controlled via PC. This is not only possible when I´m at home, logging in from outside by using internet is possible too.

[/FONT][FONT=&quot]In this greenhouse, there are living about 800 orchids, most of them like tempereate to warm conditions

Best regards, Gina

Wow, that is a very sophisticated greenhouse!! :clap::drool: Have you come up with most solutions by yourselves or did you use some professional help?
:drool::drool::drool: AWESOME!!!
what happens when the power goes out? backup generators?
Whow, Gina! That's a high class conservatory!
Well done!

The last time I saw different tabs for each kind of water was in Leipzig Botanical Garden.:wink:
That is most impressive!
Do you have some kind of security system as well?

Anyway, you must show some more pictures once you put some plants in there!
Wow, great greenhouse and a lot to learn for my own greenhouse one day! Thanks for sharing!
Will you marry me? Errr, I mean NICE greenhouse! :)

Good catch on the power-reliance, Rose. Is there backup power?

(Lint- first pic shows it is inhabited, the other pics show the construction progression)
@ JeanLux
it is an investment in the value of the whole object, the expansion of the house is a multi- purpose setting where everything could be done, not only cultivation of orchids. It is a two- room- studio where you could exercise yoga, paint paintings, have a little office, what the moment, it is used for growing orchids, but I could have much fun by doing other things here, maybe some day I will have a garden at Papua, no no more orchids here, then I will find some other solution to fill the area with life
Gina, that is an amazing installation! Sigh, I dream of having a greenhouse someday...
I can only say that this is the most impressive installation that I've ever seen in the greenhouse of a hobbyist.

If I would have 10% of the funds available that you invested in your growing place I allready would consider myself to be a very lucky person.

On the other hand I'm happy with what I currently have and I can only congratulate you with such a wonderfull place.
(Lint- first pic shows it is inhabited, the other pics show the construction progression)

Oops, you are right! I failed to notice that.
But I can barely see anything on that picture, I think some shots from the inside would be nice. :)
Amazing greenhouse! I would love to have something as nicely built as what you have, and the control systems sound great also.

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