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Welcome aboard!

As said, nice Heliconia! What's the ginger your wife is holding? Costus?
I am interested to hear how you learned to hear the orchids speak as well :poke: Ayahuasca?
I have a very similar sense, and have often told people that once they learn to speak orchid they can speak any plant language, but not necessarily vice versa. I would agree that makes them very wise.

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PHRAG said:
WOW! Waiting for you to post was worth it.

Thanks, cause you've been waiting a long time!

First question of many, do you have copies of Grisan on DVD? I don't have a VHS player and I want to see it.

No DVDs right now. When we moved to Peru DVDs were still new and unique. But now that we are back I definately plan to put the programs on DVD when I can get to it.

And this next question is probably a dumb one. Have you seen/photographed besseae in-situ? What about kovachii?

No that is not a dumb question, I am the dumb one for not getting up north and doing that. But I have this nagging need to go photograph besseae and kovachii soon. I kept putting off a lot of photography and then when I became ill we had to leave without doing it. We did find several plants I suspected of being phrags but I did not find any signs of flowers and they were growing where I thought phrags should not grow, it would be very far south for besseae. That does not mean it was not though as the area is not well explored for such a trivial thing as a new phrag specie. We did find caudatum, pearcei, and a pouchless specie in bloom. I'll post a little about this sometime.

I used to want to be a real photographer, but I have given up that dream. I was a wedding photographer for a while. Do you still shoot?
Wise choice. Best to be a funtime photographer now days. There is no way you could convience me to photograph a wedding, many have tried and all have failed. You are brave:) I still shoot casually and to document some of the things we do. But the truth is when you're on long expeditions (or even short trips) in the jungle it is very hard to photograph and collect at the same time. Never enough time and always deep in water collecting fish or hands are very dirty from digging plants.

How long have you been married? And will your wife talk mine into liking orchids? Maybe if another woman explains to her how cool they are, she will believe it. I make her go to sleep when I talk to her about them.

Gee you are setting a trap for me, how long have I been married? Belinda is likely to read this! We were best friends in high school and got carried away:drool:. I held her off as long as I could but she won out after a few years. Let's see that would be 31 years, in 1975 we eloped to Las Vegas.

Talking your wife into liking orchids may take a special jungle spell or something. But it might be worth a try. You should take her down to Peru and swim in a clear pool under a tree full of orchids. That will do it if anything will. You don't need to mention orchids until you stumble upon them by accident.

What are you growing on your shelves? You said you bought flasks, but are they species, hybrids or...?

About 50/50 phrags and paphs. I have a lot of Chuck Ackers current phrag hybrids and a mix of multifloral paph crosses from different sources. The phrags are all hybrids in the besseae group except of course kovachii.

I have some sanderanium and topperii but most of the paphs are also hybrids.
Funny when I decided to fill the place up with orchids I had intended to collect phrag species, humm, I did not do that.
PHRAG said:
Forgot one. With your talk of cloaking and 7of9, I think you must be a trekkie. Which is your favorite series? I am a huge sci-fi fan, but my tastes are all over the place: classics, modern day and a couple of tv shows.

I don't know about being a trekkie I just know I wanted to be assimilated by 7of 9! I actually enjoyed watching all the different series and seeing how they evolved. Heck I even enjoyed Lost in Space, now that was real science fiction.
NYEric said:
HI. Did you live in a city or what? I'm interested in retiring to South America, Panama, Nicaragua, or Ecuador, et al. How difficult is it to buy a place down there and emmigrate. Info on your experience please. E.

We lived in Puerto Maldonado, a small town for up here but pretty good size down there. Had everthing needed for life. but we also had a little jungle house. It is very easy to buy land in Peru and live there, maybe not so easy in some other countries. If you want to know more details maybe start a new thread and tell what you want to do there and I'll give you all kinds of info. Or PM if you think it is not appropiate for the forum. Of course I assume you want to have orchids down there.
Heather said:
Hey Lance, welcome once again, great to hear your tales!
(I'm a DS9 and Next Gen. girl myself...)

So, while browsing your site I came across your mystery bug photo. http://gonewild.net/FromTheField/. That's a Scutigera coleoptrata or, house centipede. Don't ask me how I know that!


Those hummingbird photos are fantastic!!!

Thanks Heather and I'll have do go add that buig ID to the page.
That is a strang thing to know.
Drorchid said:
Welcome Lance!

Great Story!! Your knowledge of orchids and the time you were in Peru and in the Jungle will be a great addition to this forum.

I hope you can post some more pictures of your days when you lived in Peru. I am curious to see any orchid pictures that you took.


Thanks Robert. I'll be posting pictures for sure especially if someone asks a question I can pretend to know something about.
Mahon said:
Very interesting story, and a HUGE Heliconia! Could the orchid mystery you were reffering to be Nero Wolfe's 'Black Orchids'?

Nice website! =)


Thanks Pat, I don't know if that is the story or not but it could be. It was sure something that stuck in my mind. But you know I never really thought about the story itself, I just made up my mind I was gonna find that flower. I don't think I really new it was just a story at the time.
Heather said:
Lance, how was Peru re: safety? I would really like to visit that area one day. Soon.

Most of Peru is very safe. Nuch safer than out your front door right now. We had no violent crime in our region. We would not hesitate to walk the streets a any time of day or night. But don't do that in Lima. You must of course be an aware visitor. Do not let safety deter you from going to Peru, unless of course there is a development in political unrest. What part of Peru do you want to visit and what do you want to do while there? I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have on the subject.
This black orchid?


or this one?


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I thought that Maxillaria schunkeana was actually a very dark purple?

Nice Catasetum/Mormodes hybrid! =)

Jon in SW Ohio said:
Welcome aboard!

As said, nice Heliconia! What's the ginger your wife is holding? Costus?
I am interested to hear how you learned to hear the orchids speak as well :poke: Ayahuasca?
I have a very similar sense, and have often told people that once they learn to speak orchid they can speak any plant language, but not necessarily vice versa. I would agree that makes them very wise.

thanks Jon,
We collected over 90 different varieties of Heliconia from the low forest up to the cloud forest. Recorded species are only about 6 or 7 listed but I'm sure we found at least 20 distinct species.
Yes, that is a Costus sp. the local name is cana cana and it is a very important cure for dysentary and saves many local babies from death.

I guess you don't really "learn' to hear the orchids speak. It is something you simply become aware of. It is not really a plant language, humans are the only ones who speak in code so one group can't understand the other. We all already know how to "hear" orchids speak. Most humans are just not aware they are speaking, but some are, as you are. Do you really think you choose an orchid plant at the nursery? Why do you think you just have to have it when you know you shouldn't? It is simple, that orchid told you to choose it. Ayahuasca when properly used is a doctor or teacher plant. During an Ayahuasca ceremony you can speak face to face with the flower if you like! Ever wonder why orchids have lips?
A Shaman or any indegenous person will tell you everything has a spirit, even stones. Living creatures, plants as well as animals all have spirits and can communicate because they are all part of the same thing, a single energy source.
Remember I said "A Shaman or any indegenous person" will tell yo this.
I could go on but this can get deep and I would not want to offend anyone on my first day. If you want to open a discussion about talking orchids I think that would be just way cool. (actually little suzy kovachii seedling just suggested we do that, but she is a real gossip)

FYI...I'm not really a hippie, but I sure sound like one ;)

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