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Sep 8, 2014
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Kansas City, MO
This appletonianum is really trying its hardest to bloom. The bud on the fully mature fan blasted and I was really bummed. But! Look at these two very young growths producing flowers! The right hand growth is only a couple inches long but check out that tiny left hand growth! Weird!
I got this plant last year and written on the tag was a note that it originally came from Ray Rands.


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It arrived last year in flower and of course it was mangled from shipping but it is appletonianum or “variety” thereof. Yes the leaves hardly have any markings and remind me of “wolterianum” leaves. I’ll post a pic once the flowers open.
Hi, there. On my last order from Hilmar, I got a little present - Paph. wolterianum var. alba. I have it now for a half year and hope it will bloom soon. But now I have seen that it has turned brown. What do you think? 20210209_065946.jpg
I have all my paphiopediums and phragmipediums in mineral substrate in a self-watering system and have had good experience with it so far. My Phrag bessae had made 4 flowers and now a new growth.
20210209_190942.jpgI took it out. And see you a new growth point? When the bud blast it is not so tragic. It living is all that matters

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