C. trianae var. semi-alba flamea 'Kathleen' CCE/AOS

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This is piece of DR.Leslie Ee's. It started growing, growth on top of growth so that were it to bloom, there would have been physical interference in the floral presentation. It was divided into several pieces. When divided it takes two seasons to get back to good blooming vigor. The rich lip saturation is outstanding, the flares can be light or heavy, but yes the form is no longer quality competitive, but you would walk across the room to admire it.


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Oh Angela, these are not leaning back, they are curling back. I think these are cute!!! Seriously, it's never been awarded anything but a CCE, which clearly would not be that hard to get with this cultivar. So, I suspect its charm is in its proclivity to grow and bloom a lot. When @DrLeslieEe posted the photo of his spectacular plant here in late April/early May 2020. I fell in love with it and went on a search (since he's in Canada and I couldn't bribe a division out of him). No one I could find, but Jerry Fischer, had it and his was a division of the original. He said it needed dividing, so voila!! It's my most expensive plant, so thankfully it performs very well. Flower is not huge, but very pretty because of the splash (I'm a sucker for that), even though it probably won't be ever awarded on form, but the #s make it sensational. So at least, she works for her dinner.
You have flowered this wonderfully. This is the normal presentation of this cultivar.

When I flowered mine with the good shape in that post, I had fed and watered a lot to increased the petal dimensions so it looked full.