Cattleya maxima alba (lowland var.)

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Feb 19, 2013
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This plant was acquired as a bare root division from Carter and Holmes in June of 2022. It’s growing in a predominantly large kiwi bark mix with a bit of grodan chunks, charcoal, and chunky perlite. It sits in a plastic net pot nested in a larger 6 inch aircone pot.

After putting out a new growth and a sheath last summer/ fall. The sheath sat empty for a very long time and I really wasn’t expecting this spray of 9 flowers. Happy to be able to bloom this species under leds. She has earned her keep and I look forward to tinkering with the pot / media to see if I can get this plant to throw up a few more growths next round.

Lovely! As the taller form of the species it must be a bit of a challenge growing it under lights. Is it at full height yet?
I believe this is the mature height. The division I received was very tall, the one lead I grew seems to match this length as well. It really does tower over all my other cattleyas and is less than a foot from my moving light, with exception to purpurata and tenebrosa.. it’s probably the tallest.