C. skinneri

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Is this pink or what, you should see it in real life it's beautiful. Thanks for looking. Jim.
A favorite! What a beauty!

Ages ago, I needed to provide some info about them:

The "Guaria Morada" (Cattleya skinneri), was designated the National Flower of Costa Rica on June 15, 1939.According to Native Costa Rican traditions, the "Guaria Morada" brings fortune and good luck. The "Guaria Morada" grows on trees, roofs, and buildings. It gets nutrients from the air, rain, dust, and residues stored on the trunk of trees.

Also ages ago...I had one on my sales table at a farmers market. A woman came up to me...I couldn't understand a word she was saying though I knew it was about the C. skinneri. She took a Costa Rican bill from her purse and gave it to me. It has a lovely picture of C. skinneri on it. Her friend translated how special the orchid was and that she wanted me to keep the bill (I still have it). She was just thrilled to see the orchid blossoms.

On the chance that they really do bring fortune and good luck---I think every orchid grower needs at least one. Right?
Very beautiful, I think this is the nicest picture I've seen of the skinneri. Thanks for posting it.

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