Bud watch: Wössner Kolorand x rothschildianum

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Jul 8, 2014
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Pennsylvania, USA
6.5 years of my life from pollination to spike, 5 years from flask. These took a lot longer than I expected, but things were set back for quite a while last year. I suspect I could do it in 3.5 - 4 years from flask, if I had the chance to try again. Anyway, in spike at last on a 31in wide plant. A second one is pushing as well.

Taking bets on how ugly it will be 😅

Randsii x kolopakingii x roth, thats gonna be a very large plant, looking forward to see the outcome, size & flower count should be high
Would take me 10 years from flask... And feel like 50.

Hope they give you a high flower count. No guts, no glory.
I bet they aren't gonna be all that ugly,,,maybe just a little bit fugly.
I kinda like departures like that! I am very curious to see what you made.
Please, don't mess it up between know and the big reveal, you're on the homestretch now! ⏳Maybe that neighbor needs to get stuck in Panama for a while--