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Here is a picture of a wardii that is going to bloom out of season. The growth that is spiking is part of a multi growth plant that had three spikes in the late winter. Two of the spikes blasted. After the bloom died down I repotted. During the repotting the plant broke apart into three separate pieces. Each of the pieces had two or more growths and this is the second growth on one of the pieces.

So what is the explanation for this growth blooming now rather than waiting until next winter. Did it get triggered by the breaking apart and repotting? Did the dryer condition, which I think was the reason for the blasting, trigger the new spike? Other ideas ???:confused:


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Jun 8, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
Do you grow under lights perhaps? I do and get several plants that bloom out of season...a nice perk of growing under artificial light.:)

Other than that it may have been the stress of dividing and repotting. Nice surprise anyhow. (as long as the plant has good roots and is healthy enough to carry the flower i say let it bloom) :clap: