Armeniacum from Venger's - long wait

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May 4, 2008
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My smallest armeniacum, with only ten growths, this was acquired many years ago as a tiny seedling in a large group order from Venger's Orchids and has until now refused to bloom. Well, I am glad I didn't get rid of it as I thought a couple of times, because this chonky bloom opened out at 4.5" and is a real stunner!


Beautiful! Can you explain your basket culture?
I just have them in a fine bark mix in baskets lined with sheet moss. I keep them wet. In the greenhouse for the winter, they are hung up high for maximum light (no shadecloth in the winter here at 40ºN) They go outside the greenhouse for cool/cold nights (early spring, late fall) and hot days in the summer, under ~25% shadecloth. I fertilize everything 2-3 times a month, though these get watered every couple days to keep them from drying out, especially when in spike.
Worth the wait. And the smallest of yours with 10 growths? Well done!
Nice armeniacum. Your post helps me a lot especially that I just received my first armeniacum. It shall be potted in a basket.
Thank you for sharing your experience.

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