Phragmipedium lovely Lynne 4n x sib

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
I hesitated about posting this bloom as the lip is deformed but in the end there is enough that is interesting about it to show it.
This is a first bloom from a single growth seedling about a foot across from a flask bought from Mike Tibbs at the exotic plant company. Both parents were described as 4n clones and the photos showed large flat plum coloured flowers with overlapping petals.
The seedlings have grown vigorously and this is the first to bloom. 9cm across with a decent colour and overall shape, although the lip is very wonky and there are a couple of teeth on the top edge of one petal.
I’m glad to see that the cross appears to be correct, so far.
It looks like the rest of the seedlings will not flower until their second growth is mature and most are starting on them now.
Anyway it shows potential so I’m hoping for good things from the other seedlings next winter.
I disagree Terry. I’ve had first boomers with really quite poor flowers, especially on small plants like this. It’s only a foot across with four leaves.
The colour is good and the petals excellent and flat It would only need a decent lip for it to be respectable. Plus there are 23 others waiting in the wings….
Looking good so far. I imagine you will be busy pulling them out and getting them individually potted so their roots can grow.

I’ve found flower quality suffers greatly with kovachii hybrids I grow in too shallow of containers. I believe of you get them potted up your blooming will be faster and better quality once the root system is there to support it. I can’t wait to see them all. Well done!
thanks for the advice. So far for me the tray method has proved to be an amazing way of growing them from tiny post flask plants. I picked it when I saw the amazing besseae plants grown by Tom at Fox valley. I’ve never been close to flowering a seedling in under two years, as this one is.

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