what is s/h (and any other common abbreviations?)

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Nov 30, 2006
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Central Ohio
I am new to the forum and not familiar with all the lingo...I have been reading with great interest, and trying to learn more about growing the slippers. One thing i wondered about are some common abbreviations, the one i keep seeing in the culture area is s/h...is this just spagnum moss, or a mix? thanks for all the info and great photos!
Also, any good sources for orchids in bud?? i have seen some on ebay, but dont know if they are reliable sources.
Hi and welcome, ohio-guy!
s/h means semi-hydroponic, and refers to a way of growing orchids with a little well of water at the bottom of the pot. It's a method promulgated by First Ray's Orchids: http://firstrays.com/

Another common abbreviation is chc -- stands for coconut husk chips.

Regarding the purchase of orchids in bud -- check with the sponsors of this forum. They probably all have something in bud at any given time.
Welcome from NYC. R.O. = Reverse Osmosis filtered water. MSU = Michigan State University - refers to a type of fertilizer that has certain micronutrients formulated for growing orchids.
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