what does f1,f2,f3...etc..etc..

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I believe that refers to generations of breeding.
F1 is first generation, F2 is second, etc...
The F is short for 'filial'. Don't worry about it, it is latin.

And yes, it stands for generations. F1 is first generation from founder (it can be any founder pair, it doesn't have to be wild collected). F2 is the progeny from the F1, etc. It really a device breeders use to keep track of what generation they are on.
I believe the 'F' in the generations is to denote that it is the 'offspring' of the previous generation (Latin; filius, filial). F1 is the first offspring, F2 is the result from a cross of the F1 generation, etc... Please correct me if I am wrong...

From my limited knowledge, there is of course a finite limit to how many generations you should breed something, but some degree of breeding also results in improved characteristics.

It's kinda like the Spanish Hapsburgs... http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/pda/A3152765?s_id=1

note the rise to power, greatness, and then eventual stupidity. The last and least of them was the result of several generations of inbreeding. And now you know why overbreeding is bad. :wink: