What is the deal with paphiopedilum randsii?

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Feb 24, 2023
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I have a hybrid of this plant that Sam gave me as a gift. It has grown quite slow but I just love how the plant looks. It hasnt bloomed. But back to my question. I have been looking into getting a paphiopedilum randsii to complete the collection šŸ˜‰. I have found one to buy but people seem to say they are super rare and hard to care for. All my paphiopedilums seem to do well sanderianum, rothschildianum, hangianum, etc... however now I'm a bit Scared. If someone could elaborate on this plant and tell me some care tips I would greatly appreciate it.
I don't find randsii any more difficult than the rest. It was one of the first Paphs I got when I got back into orchids more than ten years ago and I grew it to blooming size before giving it to my friend. ( It bloomed for him 4 months later grr.) You'll have no trouble with it.
For me randsii falls in a group of Philippino paphs with adductum and anitum. There is a reason these species are rare in collections. I find it very difficult to stimulate new root production in all three. Unlike philippinense, lowii and haynaldianum, which are wide spread, these three are isolated. As pot plant growers, we are missing something in the pot these plants need to produce roots or maybe, there is something in the pot they don't want and it needs removed. Folks that have had success with any of these three probably don't know the secret to their success or they're not telling anyone!
Of course other facts are in play as well, air temperature etc but I really feel there's something missing in pot. Maybe others here that have had success with any of these three can give some insight on their culture.