Popow sells other people's plants as his own?

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Jan 21, 2013
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I want to get something off my chest but I don't know what category it belongs in. I hope it's okay but I'm kind of disappointed by my observation.

I recently bought a Paph. sanderianum from 'Großräschener Orchideen', this one:
Normal price: 98,- €, now for a discount: ~80,- €.
When I received the plant I thought: "But the pot looks very familiar. But where have I seen it before?". Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the plant in the pot as I transplanted it straight away into a transparent one.

Now our well known 'Popow' has Paph. sanderianums on eBay at a price of ~150 and ~160€:

Firstly the plants on the pics look exactly the same and secondly they have the very same(!) unique and unusual plant pot as the one I bought from 'Großräschener Orchideen'. The pot shown here is also completely different from his other plants and he doesn't seem to use it himself (or rather, no other dealer from whom he buys his goods...?). I thought I wasn't looking right. It would be okay so far (with a bitter aftertaste) but in his item description he claims that they come from "selected" parents and from his own breeding. Outright lies imho.

The pot also has Dutch labels so I assume that both nurseries buy the plants from the Netherlands from the same 'manufacturer'.

'Popow' is known for his outstandingly good plants but I wouldn't have expected that here. 😞 I know his father died in 2021 but can you no longer trust anyone anymore?
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