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Feb 19, 2013
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A mericlone purchased from RF orchids March 2021. It bloomed not long after I received it and I noticed then that the petals were not opened as flat as one would expect. Seems to have happened again. I don’t have this same issue with other vandas.. my thoughts are that not all orchids are same, even if they are a mericlone. c’est la vie!

I’ve successfully killed this plant before when first starting out with vandas in a different growing environment. I just could not keep the temps warm enough.

These large dinner plate blooms still warm the heart, especially this time of year. Cuz baby, … it’s cold outside. Happy to have her back in the collection.


I love RF Orchids Vandas! In MN it is Hard to keep them happy in the winter! Considering I have Phrag Kovachii Primary Hybrids in the Kitchen, I can’t raise my heat too high! As is, it is a struggle keeping them (The Phrags) cool in the Summer! So each type has a season which is an issue! I was told that Vandas hate wet feet but love high humidity! I believe lots of misting should raise the humidity or sitting over a tray of water might help. My Phrags LOVE/Require wet feet! I would avoid misting the Vanda’s blooms though! I was also told to put them in a fast draining media (RF Orchids usually send Vandas bare root) I Was told media would help them retain humidity (of course humidity trays were also discussed.)

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