two more paintings - cyp. parviflorum and a phal

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Dec 7, 2006
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
I did a few more paintings with acrylic on canvas after my paph niveum.
Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens. My most recent piece done this year.

A Phal hybrid inspired by Phal Da-chien Spider Beauty last year. This one is on a much smaller canvas

....the cyps aren't popping out soon here. It just snowed like crazy!
I would love to do watercolour, but I would have to buy other materials.
Cool. Any Paph. with the name Joanne's Wine in it is near and dear to my heart. :D Very nice Fren, but now back to your studies... :rollhappy:
....I'm studying...;)

I found a canvas, sort of. I found a framed board in the basement with no painting or glass, so really it is useless. If I can smooth out the wood and paint it white then I can use it. It is huge, I'm guessing around 1.5m x 0.7m. Need some inspiration to fill something that big though (and time)...

...back to the books!

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