Time to celebrate - My first new growth!

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Jun 7, 2006
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Richmond, VA
During the nightly inspection, I noticed my druryi has a tiny (3-4mm) new growth forming between two of the older growths. That brings that count to:

1 mature, bloomed growth
1 blooming size new growth
3 starts

No big deal, I know, but I like to think it was MY doing!
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It's gotta be that plastic sheeting-mini fan-new drainage tray setup you got goin' Zach. :)
The name's Chris...Sarah would be my lovely orchid assistant and fiance. We were looking around for a good drainage or humidity tray and she found trays at Bed Bath and Beyond that are used to put muddy or wet boots in at the door and we found them to be excellent waterproof trays for orchids.
New growths are pretty exciting, especially on stuborn plants. I remember the first new growth on a roth I was nursing back, and now the plant has bloomed.

Good growing.

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