Cyc. Wine Delight Another Spike or New Growth?

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Feb 17, 2023
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Duluth, MN
I just noticed that my cycnodes wine delight has pushed out a little green nub at the base. It already bloomed from the same bulb in October. I'm not sure if it's a 2nd spike, or a new growth? Should it be watered some more because of the spike? If it's a new growth then I won't water it until new roots are a few inches long. Red circle shows old spike.


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I flowered this hybrid several times. In my experience, new inflorescences formed on the upper portion of the bulbs, not from the base.
I would increase the watering a bit regardless. A new growth will quickly show new roots. If by some chance it is a spike, you will get more flowers, bigger flowers by watering a bit more.
Like Lycaste, I will hold off the watering till the new growth gets about 2" tall.
It’s a new growth. Spikes usually come from an eye in the middle or top with Cyc. Regardless, even if a spike, it’s the dormant period. DO NOT WATER! Begin to water when new growth is at least 6” and new roots are 4”.
I have several spiking now in dormancy.