Pleione new growth or spike?

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Feb 17, 2023
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Duluth, MN
I have a pleione orchid that has 3 new growths, one is tiny and the other 2 are bigger fatter growths. Will the 2 big growths possibly bloom? Hopefully I will see buds poking out soon.


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Where are the bulbs? Typically pleione like to almost sit on the compost surface. Flower shoots are much fatter than growths
There was a little too much soil on the bulbs so I removed some to expose the bulbs on the surface, and they looked quite healthy, green and plump. Also thanks for the reply. Now I'm excited for the possibility of flower buds!
Pleiones typically have flowers emerge from the new growths as the leaves unfurl. Logically, the fatter the new growth, the more likely flowers follow.
Thank you, it does look like they will have buds because they are fat little things coming up than the other smaller growth.
The bulbs are so darn tiny. You must be so careful with them. Most people that grow them up here in Michigan dry them out from late summer/ early fall. Most growers bring them out of dormancy in February.
They use fresh compost.