This may be a very stupid question

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Jun 10, 2006
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Germantown, Marlyand (D.C. suburbs)
But why do slippers appear to only have two sepals? Do they as a rule; is the third one (not dorsal or bottom) just hiding somewhere - or vestigial in some way; or am i just too frickin blind to figure it out?

I feel like an idiot. Someone please clear this up for me:confused:
The "lower" sepal is actually two of them fused together... A synsepal.


It's pretty evident in the upper bloom.
Interesting that occasionally a synsepal will split so that the two are evident. I guess that's considered to be a flawed flower.
Actually, separate sepals are a very common occurrence in paphs. I have seen it in complex and multiflorals. In fact, my lowii and my Valerie Tonkin both have "split synsepals". It is permanent, and it is considered to be a "defect". However, I find many of these paphs to be perfectly attractive anyway...I certainly like it on Valerie tonkin...eventually, the sepals curve back and are unobtrusive. I'm not as thrilled with it on it a sort of "star" shaped pattern that just doesn't look right for a paph...still, its worth growing and keeping. Take care, Eric
It's great to hear that this 'defect' is permanent! I love seeing split synsepals... so I reckon I'm gonna have to start collecting 'em... sorta like peloric collection :D