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False. If it swims, I eat it.

The person below me is undecided for US presidential vote.
True. But I live in a state that has little to no say in who the final candidates will be so I don't even bother paying attention until the week before the election. It's more peaceful that way.

The person below me shot the sheriff!
False, there are very few sheriffs in NYC. They only enforce traffic violation debt collection.
The person below me doesn't know what the weather in Colorado is today.
True...(only because it's my day off!)
The person below me has their Bachelors and Masters degree.
True, I have a bachelor degree on Industrial Engineering that I got in Peru. And the reason I end up in the US is because I came to get a masters on Business Administration. Fun times.....

TPBM, would like to become an American Orchid Society judge
That's false. I use to have more the twenty as a beginer but now strictly slippers with a few dens, cats and neo's

The one below knows nothing about sailing
Nope, I brought some named cattleyas back with me on a trip to Hawaii probably 12 years ago. That's what started it all...

TPBM believes alien life forms exist.
True...but to a point. I love cats that love me. Especially the big fat house cats. I love those!

The person below me.....has been a ballerina and danced on point before.

False, that would have been a laugh.
TPBM is involved in the growing of plants other than orchids on a commercial basis.
False, for both of them, but I would love to... Well I am too young right now so maybe in a few years from now... :)

TPBM has two freshwater fish tanks...