The person below me game......

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False, but I did drive 60 miles and a half-hour ferry ride to J&L's Open House (pandemic pathological cabin fever) for my birthday and dropped hundreds on so many hors d'oeuvres on my plate!

TPBM harbors a secret magnificent obsession having nothing to do with orchids.
Somebody pipped me to the post while I was writning - so have to quote the post, I answered to:

" TPBM is going to place a massive order from Wenqing Perner and be hella satisfied when it arrives."

So true!

Though, maybe with the qualification, that this time he will go for quality rather than quantity! (the end result on his bank statement will be exactly the same!)

TPBM is in dire need of immediately taking contact to his sponsor and joining the next meeting in PA (Paphioholics Anonymous)!