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Sunset Valley Orchids Fdk. After Dark

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I got this e-mail from Fred Clarke (please do not contact me for more info! See Fred's info at the end of the listing)...

I hope you had a good summer of orchid growing and flowering. As fall is
setting in I have begun reviewing what hybrids have germinated. I have great

After 4 years of trying to re-make of Fredclarkeara After Dark we have
success! There are enough flasks to offer for sale. This is a limited
offering and they will sell quickly.

To give you and idea of the quality of this hybrid here are the awards to

* Fdk. After Dark 'Juliana Marie' FCC/AOS

* Fdk. After Dark 'Black is Black' AM/AOS

* Fdk. After Dark 'SVO Black Pearl' FCC/AOS, CCE/AOS

* Fdk. After Dark 'SVO Big Spotty' AM/AOS

* Fdk. After Dark 'SVO Black Diamond' FCC/AOS

* The grex of Fdk. After Dark receives and Award of Distinction

* Fdk. After Dark 'SVO Black Cherry' FCC/AOS, CCE/AOS

* Fdk. After Dark 'Ursa Spots' AM/AOS

The original cross only produced 40 - 50 plants and as you can see by the
awards the average flower quality was very high.

Black flower color has been sought after for many years and this hybrid is a
real break through in several ways:

* Amazing color from black, oxblood red, to green with maroon
spotting, and one which was solid green

* Long flower life, 5-7 weeks is typical, these are unusually long
lived Catasetinae flowers!

* Robust growing plants that bloom with 2-4 inflorescences per bulb
on mature plants

* Excellent flower shape and arrangement

All the Fdk. After Dark plants of the original cross have now flowered and I
estimate that 20% of the cross produced black flowers. This is a rather high
average considering the elusive nature of the black flower color.

I am beginning the final replate process and will be taking pre-orders for
flasks until December 2007, no deposit is required. It usually takes 6-10
months before the flasks are ready to ship. The flasks have 25 plants and
are offered at $250 each plus shipping.

For those not interested in flasks I will have seedlings from the remake
available in about 24 months.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Fred Clarke
Sunset Valley Orchids
(760) 639-6255
[email protected]
From what I've seen, the Fdk After Dark will be gorgeous even if they don't turn out to be black. Maybe I'll have to start saving my pennies.
I have seen many of these in person. they are spectacular. Ranging from spotted to black, these are fascinating hybrids.
A must for the Catasetinae collector/grower!