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May 15, 2011
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Hi guys, I haven´t been active on the forum for a pretty long time now (working on my Bonsai trees :smitten: ) and I decided to upload some pics.

The first one is Paph stonei, a very special plant for me, because I bought it when I was 17 years old from friends of mine, an old couple with a paph collection. Very nice people. I do not know where this particular stonei originally came from, but I will ask in the next days. It is probably a very old division, eventually wild collected. But I have to check that.



The next plant is Paph praestans. Got two of them, one bloomed 4 months after I received the plants. I wanted to make a good photo with my dslr, but the lowest flower started to wither. So I took de pic with my cell phone :) The pic is terrible, color of the pouch is more red actually.


Paph rothschildianum from Taiwan



This one is Paph philippinense x praestans or the other way round. It is a giveaway. So if someone is interested just contact me or write a comment. (I live in Switzerland)
It is a very strong plant, 9 mature growths or so. The reason for the low flower count is the size of the growth where the flower stem came out. It was pretty weak. If you want I can post photos of the whole plant.
It is growing very fast, I only give it away because I have a species collection.


cheers Yanik
You got a great collection of Paph in flower!

That stonei is an absolute beauty!

The praestan is really nice and looks like the underside of the leaf has a reddish tingle near the base. Where did you get such a nice plant?

That is a nice roth? Do you know the parents used to make this cross?
Great collection of flowering Paphs! As everyone has said, the stonei is awesome, great petals and stem and flower presentation are very good.
I think the praestans is good too. I think we kind of glance past it perhaps because of the washed out colour in the picture.
It is almost worthwhile immigrating to Switzerland for that 'giveaway' plant.
the stonei is really nice like it.

The hybrid is nice too do you ship over the border???
Thank you all!

The parents of this roth are Z2135 x DouFong
For info: 'Z2135' = 'Rex' x 'Mont Millais' and DouFong is originally wild collected

I got some PM and pic requests, so here is the pic of the pimary hybrid:


We will find a way dido. just pm me ;)

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