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Nov 14, 2022
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This Procatavola Key Lime Stars has bloomed for me under lights. I am pleased that it has. Gives me hope with other Cattleya plants growing under lights. This has bloomed with 4 flowers and buds on three inflorescences.
Are the flowers the best? No not at all. But it bloomed!
This is a hybrid of Ctyh. Lime Sherbert x Brassavola nodosa. Sometimes with nodosa hybrids, you really do not find much in the way of spotting in the lip in first generation hybrids. You often will see more intense spotting in second generation hybrids.
For those of you who like to play hide and seek, we can play “Find the thrip”!!!
These caught my attention when I first saw them as well. Really nice little hybrid.
Boo thrips! I found clusters of tiny red dots moving around on one of my Clowesia spikes today...maybe spider mites.
Love your blooms! Also the plant looks large and blooms nestled close tto the foliage. I have a young plant of this in bloom, two Infloresences. But my plant is still very compact, looking more like my B. nodosa But with longer stems.
It is a plant of about a dozen or so bulbs, that I purchased on e-bay about 8 months ago. It does feature nodosa type growth, no substantial sheaths and is fragrance is only slightly spicey.
It finished off the blooming growths outdoors this summer. It has been underlights since mid September.
I purchased it because I liked it and I was hoping it would grow under lights. It is in a 3 1/2” clay pot.

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