C. George King ‘Serendipity’

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Nov 17, 2018
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Spotsylvania, VA
Thrilled with this bloom! OP purchased from Waldor in 2021, has never bloomed this well. It blooms twice a year every year for me under lights but this time paused, and hasn’t bloomed since this time in 2023. 3 flowers, one inflorescence. Largest is 16 cm NS which is a full cm larger than AM awarded plant. Lots of CCMs though with many flowers. And, the fragrance takes your breath away when you walk in the room.


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Thanks. You’ll see it Sunday.
Good news and bad news. Bad news is I have to miss our last meeting, which I hate because I really wanted to be there-and I would love to see your gorgeous plant in person. Good news is that my husband and I are at Redlands this weekend on the way to Key Largo to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. There were a LOT of moving parts to coordinate to make it possible for us to get away. Thankfully they all
came together and we were able to get away for this. I do wish it hadn’t overlapped with our last meeting, but I look forward to our summer picnic.