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Feb 11, 2008
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Here is a picture of what the problem looks like. Like I've said, I seen plenty of stuff in my time, but nothing like this. I will stipulate that I'm just branching into Milts.


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One could think that these markings may be a virus and that is a possibility but I have seen similar appear when a Miltoniopsis is under stress by over watering or the compost staying wet. The last thing Miltoniopsis like is wet feet. Check the root system first, if its bad, repot quickly into a better draining mix and hope for the best. Maybe a root inducing hormone cold be used to help. Fungicide won't help.
Interesting. I knew about the wet feet, but have to admit I've never seen the problem manifest this way with me. I hope it isn't a virus, as they would be the first in my gh, and hopefully the last virused plants. I'll try repotting and see what happens, oddly though it really wasn't until this week they ahd a problem, and I've been consistent with their watering for the last 5 months. See, even when I think know everything, I still have a lot to learn. LOL
I would take a damp paper towel and wipe the leaves. Check to see if you see any discoloration come off, usually reddish . I am wondering if there might be a mite infestation causing those markings.
hmmm...mites. Didn't see any critters. Any possibility that it is heat related. I forgot to set the controls to adjust for winter sun, and it did get to 101 in there briefly the other day. Just a thought.

Gads...hope it "aint" mites. LOL
I hope it isn't a virus, as they would be the first in my gh, and hopefully the last virused plants.

If you've got any cattleyas, cymbidiums, phals or oncidiums then you probably have virus and don't know it. Many orchids don't "show" virus unless stressed but will happily pass it on to others. Hence the reason for sterilizing tools, making sure they don't drip all over eachother and treating for pests.

I don't grow Milts. but if it appeared over night I'd lean toward fungal or bacterial. But suspect plants can be virus tested through Critter Creek Labs. The test will run you aroun $5.
You're right Candace... I should have remembered that. It would be the first concrete manifestation of a virus that I have noticed, not the first virus as I stated.

I'm still holding to the concept that it's sometype of bacteria/fungus.

Time will tell.
Pictures worth $1000. Not what I imagined and probably not the cold damage I described. I'd trash them too- looks like ringspot virus??? Better safe than sorry!

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