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Jan 15, 2019
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I was shocked yesterday morning to see that my PEOY is spiking. I've only had this plant for about a month. Bought it from Sam - my first order from him, along with a couple of other multi-florals. Well, he said it was BS so I figured a couple of years and I might see a spike. I've never done these before and from what I gather I was prepared to wait and to just be pleased that I'd caved and bought one for the pleasure of growing it. It did have a problem with basal rot - not from Sam, I'm sure. Being shipped damp in the winter, I guess it happens. I lost two bottom leaves but the single-growth plant otherwise seems strong and healthy. I've been keeping an eagle eye on the short new leaf watching for growth. It didn't seem to be getting any larger but I figured what the heck. The plant is healthy now, doesn't appear to need repotting, so I thought I'll just keep doing what I"m doing. Yesterday I peered down into the crown, and Lo. There was a dark weird leaf-looking thing coming up, which (I think) I've learned to recognize as a paph spike. Wow. Manna from heaven.
I wonder how long the spike will take to develop and bloom. Great journey. I feel blessed.


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Jun 25, 2012
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It takes 4 to 6 weeks to develop and bloom. Don't be a Peeping Thomasina tho...he is shy.:D

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