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I just put a ton of my pictures on flickr from the Richmond Orchid show last weekend that Ki and I went to. Here are a few samples, but there are litterally like 50 photos, so you need to go to flickr to see the rest. Oh, and I couldn't remember what everything was, so a lot of things I call NOID even though they weren't really NOIDs, they were just NOIDs to me :)

This first shot is Marriot's display. Click to see the larger version, it's a panoramic shot, so you can see everything in decent detail. (I think you can click here to go to the large panaroma of Marriot's directly.)

The rest of these are regular shots

This next guy was adorable, small and adorable. Mary Zdilla.

China Dragon


Great pics of some great paphs. Doesn't one wonder "why" so many paph growers went away from the complex paphs after seeing them on the Marriott display???
I know I haven't. Bring 'em on !!!!
That Paph. Franz Glanz in Hadley's display is beautiful. I have come to really love that cross.
NY Eric, I think this is the mystery paph you're talking about - here's a closer view in case any can identify it by its leaves or bloom. (I cut out the extraneous stuff in the photo). And as for the camera, actually I have a little old canon elph, it's not a bad one, sd700 model, probably cost around $450 new, but it's not a good SLR. They take good photos, and I like to think I help too :)

hey Eric, is that the one you're talking about? In which case, I think it's Wossner Vollmond. Pic from the same table:

Mary Zdilla

I'm sure this is the forum I saw a nice pic of Mary Zdilla on earlier, so I just thought they should be together lol, but now the earlier pictures don't show up for me. Anyway, here's my Mary Zdilla, very similar to the other, but w/ a jaunty little twist to the ends of the petals. :) I love the earthy colors and spots with the pretty pink pouch! Another great plant from Orchids Limited.


~Miss Paph
The pictures are impressive, but the China Dragon was really amazing in person. Nevertheless, great photography! The lighting in Strange's was less than ideal.