Disa uniflora, one year from flask

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Nov 15, 2017
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These Disa uniflora are from Afrodisia. I gave a flask to my Aunt as an early birthday gift one year ago; we had been dreaming of Disa for decades.

She potted them carefully in Aircone pot, in high-quality sphagnum with a thick underlayering of perlite. She had them only a few weeks before she suddenly passed, just hours before her 87th birthday. May she rest and soar.

I took on the plants and did what I could with them. There were about 20, originally. They dwindled and browned. In desperation, I set them outdoors in a protected eastern spot last June. About 7 survived the summer. Now there are 4…maybe. I had been hoping to repot them and get them back outdoors here but you can’t trust Chicago weather; it was 80F yesterday but one week from today we may get a freeze.

So, yesterday I finally repotted. One of the plants is vastly more robust than the other survivors. The others…well…I don’t know if they’re going to make it at all but they’re getting everything I’ve got: potted in net pots with mesh to hold the mix in, in 5-A sphagnum/perlite/charcoal, KelPak/RO soak, air flow and humidity.

First photos are before repotting. Love to hear frank thoughts on how I’m doing, as well as suggestions for improvement. Thank you.


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Those are good roots in IMG_0500 and the plant in IMG_0544 looks good. I like the pots you are using. The moss in IMG-0496 looks too dry. These can grow in full sun if kept suitably wet. So far so good. Good luck!
Thank you very much! The 0496 photo is the final photo in the old pot, which had degraded. I let it dry out somewhat in advance of repotting.

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