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I agree about the air. Small rockwool cubes in larger pots seem to be too dense and root growth suffers. so I’m trying the large cubes plus net pots to increase air flow round the roots.
I don't grow many Phrags, just a handful of long petal types now, but I grow them and my Paphs in the small rockwool cubes mixed with 40-50% #3 perlite for aeration and get great roots.
Your method looks similar to mine (trays w/ rw cubes on top and leica on bottom) but your results are better. I haven't taken any all the way to bloom as a compot but I sometimes plant one plant in a single tray and that seems to work well. Some crosses/species don't seem to like the mix. The kovachii/besseae hybrids seem to do the best. Here's a compot of dalessandroi. Tray is 6"x9" for perspective.


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Do you think your change of location, hence a change of conditions, is an issue? Not as dry in your current temporary digs when compared with your former home? I try and mix perlite with the mini cubes, and larger rockwool cubes which the larger plants seem to do well.

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