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Feb 24, 2023
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Most of these are from orchid inn. I have one from Norman's orchids and let's just say this has been a nightmare. There was one good root and yellowing on the base of the plant. It is a really great cross with strong parents so I hope to save it. I was thinking of putting it in spagnum moss but I know that is risky. The tray on the top has has had a rough time. It was sent through the mail in the heatand the plants were put under a lot of stress. However i think they will bounce back in a couple of months. The bottom tray is doing great and has put out roots. The large plant in the bottom left is my pride and joy. It has put out great growth for a sanderianum but most of all the roots are crazy. They have gone all the way to the bottom of the plastic soup container wich is pretty tall: not very fancy for a queen but it works great. If anyone is a sanderianum expert please let me know if puting sanderianum in fresh spagnum just to get the roots started is bad?

My plan with these is to bloom them and cross them. With these new crosses years in the making I think it could be a giant step in sanderianum crosses. I realy want to get more tiawan crosses as i have heard they are more likely to have better coloring rather than petal length. However this will be a long goal. 20230811_231658.jpg
Nice plants. Bear in in mind there is a possibility some of the line breeding from Taiwan may not be the true species.
Sphagnum moss can work towards producing roots but I have had luck just using a seedling mix as I cut down on light and maintain humidity and watering.
I really do not see any issues with the plants. I would just double down on your culture. Sanderianums are not rapid growers by nature. But if you want to produce the best growth, check light, watering, air movement, humidity, etc. If one or more of those parameters is off, that might slow the growth down. But I think that you may need patience. You can not rush progress no matter how much you crave it. It can not be done.

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