Phragmipedium hangianum x malipoense- difficult?

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My local orchid dealer has a nice plant for sale. Are they difficult to care for?
Parvi x parvi hybrids tend to be far easier than their parents. Mem. Larry Heuer (emersonii x malipoense) is not difficult, and it appears that hangianum is virtually the same as emersonii in terms of culture and growth, so I would expect the hybrid to be as easy as the emersonii cross.
Easier grower and bloomer.Mine just bloomed not too long ago, but flowers aren't all that on my plant.Thats why no photo this time around.I would like to find a good clone like John M's 'Charlie'? I think.
I bought my toilet bowel not that long ago, ask me this question in another 9 months or so!
I've been going pretty well with Magic Lantern, Mem. Larry Heuer & other parvi crosses so why not give it a try!
For me it is much easier than Larry Heuer as far as it grows faster and blooms more readily

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