hangianum x leucochilum

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May 29, 2011
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southern Indiana
This is hangianum "Justin" x leucochilum "Yamaguchi Black" first bloom seedling growing in 5 inch pot with Orchiata. I don't recall where I got it, but the tag indicates it was first repotted in 2017. I've seen photos of some a little larger and another with a stronger yellow background, but I think this one is OK. it has a NS of 12 cm and a DS of 5.5 cm. The petals feel like fuzzy wax and are very thick and firm. They are cupped a little on the edge, which I suspect will always be the case. Bit of a cloudy day here, so the color is a little washed out. Mike


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It's so nice! Really love this hybrid. One question, is it fragrant? Might need to check it after it's been open for a few days and/or during a day when it is sunny.

Overall, the color is really exceptional. The shape has some room for improvement, but even if this is it at its best, it's still a really incredible flower.

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