Phragmipedium Andean Fire

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Ricardo Boricua

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Nov 27, 2023
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Puerto Rico
Very few people grow Phragmipedium in PR. I can count the ones I know with the fingers of one hand and I will have fingers to spare. So I was surprised and delighted to find a blooming plant of Phragmipedium Andean Fire thriving in a seaside location where its owner has made a microclimate that is good for it. Sorry, no photos of the plant I was too distracted by the flower and forgot to photograph the plant. Dry, hot, coastal Puerto Rico is not good for cool growing Phrags, although some hybrids survive and even bloom under skillful care.IMG_3125.JPG
The color looks nice and I love the horizontal petal stance. I have one of these as well, and while I adore it, I don't think the flowers are this nice. So, congrats!