Where have all the Phrag. Jason Fischers gone?

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Willing to share your cultural parameters?
Hi Ray - I think it mainly the S/H culture. I can't remember who taught me about that? :p

I think besseae and its hybrid do well in S/H. That's how I grow all mine. As far as lighting, I use LED grow lights in my basement (no sunlight available) to give them a little less than cattleya level lighting. The lights are on for 9.5 hours per day. The basement doesn't get much above 70F and can get as low as about 55F in the winter. I water once each week with R/O water with a very dilute MSU-type fertilizer. I try to remember to give them Epsom salts once every three months. I also have an automated misting system that mists R/O water for about 30 seconds every 12 hours, mainly to keep the humidity up.

Another thing, phrags can bloom when very small but to bloom really well it can take about ten years of growing. I believe I divided this one once but I've had it about twelve years.

Hope this helps.

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