Phrag. Sunset Glow 3N

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
This is out of a flask or compot I bought from Mr. Acker a few years back. Some bloom out a more peachy color and some have golden tones to them. Even though I repotted into s/h only 2 mos. ago I think it still bloomed out pretty nice and large, considering it's not fully established yet. I've got it in the g.h. growing in high light in s/h in hydroton.
Nice! What have your temps been like? I bet cooler would turn that baby darker!
Hot, hot. Outside at least 95 and probably high 80's in the g.h. I actually haven't bloomed any of these that were dark, most are on the lighter end of the spectrum. Some a peachy color, some more orangey...
Was talking to Tom (FoxValley) & a customer complained about the color of a phrag he had gotten from Tom. It was a first bloom & certainly not what he expected, somewhat orangy. I forgot what the name of the cross. Tom suggested the next time move it to a cooler area & sure enough, the color was right on red! I have Apple Pie (Mag Rose x bess) & we had 3 nights of 50, that baby was a nice tomatoe type red - it darkened 3 shades overnight.
I always meant to crop down that Twilight x caudatum, I should have done it from the start!
It's not going to get cool temps. in my area. Besides I like the color the way it is. In the winter I can get dark reds, but the summer, nope.

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