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Mar 10, 2016
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This has been a wonderful spring for blooming phrags. This past winter here in South Florida we had a great cold front coming with temperatures going into the Mid to high 30's. So, while everyone I know was bringing their orchids inside, I was gathering every mature phrag I have and putting them outside on a screen covered porch! I figured even if it got down to freezing the screen would protect them from frost. Well, the results have been wonderful. In addition to every phalaenopsis already on the porch breaking into spike and bloom, numerous phrags some that I have waited for years to bloom have finally rewarded me. I have attached some photos of an old reliable as well as new flowerings.

These first are of an old reliable that blooms faithfully each for months with the spike reaching in excess of 2 feet. I purchased this years ago from Ecuagenera and it is Phrag Hibrido (x roethianum). This year it has thrown a second spike, so I will be able to enjoy it for many months to come.
2022-01-23 15.53.57.jpg 2022-01-23 15.54.05.jpg

Next if of a Phrag Grande ‘Macrochilum Giganteum’ AM/AOS' purchased from Chuck Acker . It produced 2 spikes this year with 3 blooms on one and two on the other. It just brings a smile to my face every time I look at it!
Photo Mar 17, 6 26 41 AM.jpg Photo Mar 17, 6 27 55 AM.jpg
This next Phrag I received from Chuck Acker in a compot back in April of 2017. This is one that had never bloomed until it was exposed to that wonderful cold front. I'm very pleased as the blooms are amazing and it is branching on this first spike. It is a Phrag Cape Sunset (Eric Young 'Rocket Fire' [4N] x schlimii 'Isolde'). I wish I had a show near me to take this to!
2022-04-15 09.44.14.jpg 2022-04-15 09.46.13.jpg

The next is a photo of a Phrag Lucky Girl (Twilight 'Rising Rocker' [4N] AM/AOS x Acker's Ballerina) received in a flask from Chuck Acker in June of 2018. This is also a first blooming thanks to the cold front. I was hoping for more of the Ballerina influence but it's still a nice flower.
2022-03-11 07.24.40.jpg 2022-03-11 07.24.56.jpg
Last is a bloom that just recently opened it is Phrag Greta Twee (Don Wimber 'Daddy Mack' AM/AOS x schlimii 'Passionate Pink') from Windy Hill via Chuck Acker. I could not find a reference photo but you can see the schlimii in the size and color. The shape is more besseae influenced. I'm curious if the color will change with future blooms or age.
2022-04-15 09.47.50.jpg 2022-04-15 09.48.01.jpg


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Aug 6, 2021
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Very nice…don’t they put on a great show when you have number in bloom.
Yes I also like the Cape Sunset…but any phrag in bloom is nice.


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Jul 8, 2011
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Kentucky zone 6B
My Greta Twee is blooming now and is putting out a second spike. The first bloom after the heat wave was a tad
wonky, but smells wonderful. Now that the greenhouse is rather cool, the second spike is growing very well and
I hope for another fragrant bloom.

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