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Nov 14, 2022
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The following images will be of Paphiopedilum Oregon Pinot. It is Paph. California Girl x Paph. John Hainsworth. I have recently purchased some rather nice plants from one of our member/vendors over at Austin Creek Orchids.
Is this a great flower? Perhaps not. Awardable? Not now. But it has potential. This just started to open late yesterday. I like the overall color, the staminode and center of pouch are a nice, rich, honey gold color. I might want to see the picotee on the dorsal be whiter but hey, that might happen.
With a few years of good growth behind it, I think that it will only improve.
Both John Hainsworth and California Girl have good track records as parents.
I have to remember that these guys are babies. Modern crosses, first time bloomers, are maybe like teenagers. They just need a little time to build up strength, pump those flowers up a bit.
But I do like the color too!
Very nice one!
The dorsal doesn't fit my goals but the petals have potential.
Thanks so much! I just liked the image on line when I purchased some plants.
I think that I have at least one other clone of Oregon Pinot.
I purchased mostly clones that were reddish like this one, some with whiter dorsals and lots of spots. Maybe I have a couple of greens and a yellow or two. 16 plants in all!
I have three that are just starting to have the buds open.
I bloomed a Paph. Professional x California Girl last year (LINK and image below) with a very similar overall look. Nice tall stem, gorgeous dark color but the flower on mine was on the smaller side and didn't have the best shape. It's a vigorous grower, so I'll keep it around. Hope yours is a good grower as well.
Here is the next one to bloom from the batch. This is Paphiopedilum Lovely Sorceress. It is Paph. Sorcerer’s Prime x Paph. Stone Lovely. I was familiar with Stone Lovely which is why I purchased it.
This has been opening over the last 36 hours. I feel that there is real potential here.
This has a huge dorsal sepal perhaps a bit funky along the top margin. Otherwise it is broad and flat. Petals are well held and pleasantly ruffled.
Pouch has an unfortunate indentation on the right side as it appears in this image. Hopefully this will disappear on future bloomings. The pouch and staminode are more yellow then bright green.
This I need to hold on too!
They are all showy and bold... I love them and I still have a few awarded clones in my collection.
@bulldog Paphs, the dorsal is the most important part of the flower...unlike some other sections of Paphs, they don't improve that much as the plants mature. It is what it is most of the time...they never get flat-flat if they are not at the first time, also, deformation is common for this group of Paphs.
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I have another first time bloomer to share! ( Yes, I am sticking around due to friendly persuasion )
These will be images of Paph. Cape Arago. The parents are Hanes Bay and John Hainsworth. This was in a batch of Bulldog puppies via Austin Creek Orchids.
This has a pretty nice presentation I think. I feel that the dorsal is real nice especially with all of those freckles. The petals are fairly full with that creamy yellow picotee. Flower and pouch are glossy. Pouch has a great red color with red spots just inside the rim. Staminode looks nice too.