Paphiopedilum Winter Pearl

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It's quite nice! Personally, I really enjoy floppy imperfect parvi flowers. If I'm being honest, I think the word I'd normally use is floppity. Nothing wrong with perfectly round, by the books appearance, but flowers like this one have their own charm and have a bit more character, in my opinion.
It got a good staminode from the emersonii...other than that, I can't see a lot of emersonii in it. I would like to see more markings on the lip/pouch like the emersonii. Overall, it got more delenatii influence, with some micranthum. Pale color but cute/girly!
How big is the flower? Large emersonii flower will be 6", Magic Lanter flower is about 4"(?).
I like this quite a bit. The staminode really looks colorful and I enjoy light pink flowers. Petals have that upswept appearance to them but I find that to be tolerable because both petals are doing the same thing. For me that provides some degree of harmony. If they were not doing the same thing, that would look a bit odd.
The only issue that I have is the dorsal. It looks to be tri-lobed. At first I tried to see it as rounded or slightly pointed at its apex but I had trouble visualizing that.
I am left with trying to imagine how this would be received on the judging table. Could be very interesting in terms of that dorsal.
When I enlarged the image I noticed that in relation to the pouch, the staminode is tilted slightly to the left and then the dorsal leans back to the right.
But I think it’s pretty.

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