Paphiopedilum tigrinum

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Thanks all for your kind words.

The plant is actually medium size 40 cm across. It looks small because it’s squeezed between the venustums and the giant kolopangiis!

In front of this plant is another tigrinum in low bud. As well, a third variegated leaved tigrinum is tucked between them and the venustums.
wow.... thanx for pointing out the variegated one... would you mind posting a photo of that by itself?

has it flowered yet?
Love the shape and colour. Looks very healthy. Have a few seedlings of these which are a year or so out of flask. I might be waiting a while for my blooms!

Thanks for all the kind comments,
Indeed, I hope this variegated tigrinum will bloom next year as it’s almost adult size. Be interesting to see if blooms are normal type or with special needs 😏.

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