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  1. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum ‘Eye of the Tiger’

    Exciting! My tigrinum with variegated leaves is opening it’s first ever flower!!
  2. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum forma smaragdinum

    Popow Orchids posted this today on FaceBook and caused a sensation. It’s the album or rather alboviride version of tigrinum. It’s absolutely stunning, majestic form with jade green color. An ethereal presence! Pictures sent to me by Boscha with permission to post on here: More details...
  3. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum

    This is a division from Glen Decker that I got last summer. It’s a little late in bloom, and the summer heat during bud development has curled the petals. Oh well lol.
  4. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum

    Opening after 3 months in slowwww spike growth! Supposed to be a semialba but I don’t see it lol except the green (vs brown stem). Apparently the green stem is seen in some populations. Still cute nonetheless.