Paphiopedilum rothschildianum x sib (‘New Gigantic’ x ‘X Hot’ SMM/JOGA )

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Well, knocking over plants is something we have all done before.
Breaking spikes off of a plant has happened as well.

I am having better luck with my photographic experiences with orchids by creating a designated spot in order to photograph my plants. I get that all set up, get the background in place and as the last step, I move the orchid into place. I take my images a promptly put it back in its grow spot. I feel that moving slowly and purposely has saved my orchids from me on several occasions.
I never leave the orchid standing around when I break down the photographic spot nor do I move it to that spot before it is ready.
I still damage a plant every so often but that happens rarely. I am struggling to remember the last time that happened.

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