Paphiopedilum rothschildianum ‘New Horizon’ x ‘Raptor’

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Apr 21, 2020
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Chicago, IL
I’ve grown this plant for 2.5 years now and it decided to reward me for my efforts with two buds on one compact growth. One flower is open now and while it’s a small one the pouch is dark, petals horizontal, and dorsal sepal fairly wide. I’m happy with it and currently debating snipping the spike so that I can see more flowers in 2 more years vs nipping the second bud and having the plant carry a seedpod on the first flower. Leaning towards the safer route atm, but 🤪A95AF697-BD03-4704-8D50-A7C2C746AF1F.jpeg15356EE3-0D17-4F61-B641-7FF639187E33.jpegC612C509-8DA1-4489-A154-CF7517607484.jpeg1E3800E1-91F8-4320-BF08-B457AA9C158E.jpeg8BDBB3E0-25EA-4024-9517-3020C9971275.jpeg077E14FB-959A-41F4-8F87-5191ECEA4974.jpeg


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One more, same source, same verdict. Nothing to do with New Horizon or Raptor... Looks like someone closed just on time before the disaster begins...

Nothing against the plant or poster, just that when people buy something with a pedigree, it should be at least that...
Congrats on blooming your roth. I would let it bloom and enjoy the flowers.

As alluded to above, this cross has been flowered by several growers and is definitely not true to the parents on the label. I actually bought one of these flasks so I am one of the people who got burned.

Just my opinion, while a nice flower this is not a roth that I would breed with, even just for fun. When you consider the time & resources that go into flasking and growing out seedlings, you generally should start with something with better quality.
Nice flower and the plant seems really compact. If is stays this way ... look above.
I read what he wrote..hope the next growth will remain compact, just saying.
There are pygmy rothschildianum that do exist. That's mine here. The shape is already superb, with several flowers per spike. Just that it is a miniature roth in a 17cm pot.

Have you seen that M&M commercial? "It does exist!"😅 Thank you for the photo.
Leslie mentioned he saw a couple of "compactum" roth in Japan...what is the LS on yours? I agree the flower shape on yours is quite good. I doubt the "miniature" type will be available here in the U.S. any time soon....I have a "Borneo" X self , and it is compact enough for least for now. Yup, I am one of the 1% of people who would buy/keep a rothchildianum related to the "Borneo" clone🤣
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I can see the value in only breeding plants that are the best of the best, as it fits in the context of running a plant company whose interest is making marginal improvements generation over generation, as well as getting a return on investment. Orchids take a lot of time, space, and labor to grow well after all

That said, I’m a hobbyist interested in growing plants that I like and making crosses that I find interesting. I also simply cannot afford top of the line stud plants. I’ve seen enough pictures online to know that my roth is clearly not one of these, but I’ve also seen enough to know that’s it’s quite nice and I’m pleased with it. I’m looking forward to seeing how it improves on its next bloom, and til then I’m saving its pollen to make some crosses that I think would be neat (and that I’m sure the purists here would turn their nose at 😜)

The first thing that I’ll cross it to will probably be Petula’s Sensation, in the hopes of spreading that dark pigment and producing a black flower: