Paphiopedilum insigne var. sanderae

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Apr 5, 2017
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P. insigne is one of my favorite species. This is a first bloom seedling from a selfing of P. Insigne var. sanderae FV. I have 10 plants from this crossing and they are all growing like weeds. This is the first to bloom. Others are in low spike. Half of them are sanderae and half will be normal insigne.


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Looks very nice and ....... could be var. sanderianum if their wasn't the reddish pigmentation in the centre of the flower.
A very nice insigne var sanderae indeed, I have myself been visiting the lovely Island Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean several times, and almost everywhere there are Paphiopedilum insigne plants in flower shops and on the market, in various sizes, this Island seated in the Gulf Stream is a small spectacular Island with a perfect climate for growing Orchids outdoors and other tropical plants too, and insigne is sold in clumps on the market and a few of the ladies sitting here and selling also have the sanderae available, although it is a bit more expensive, they have large beds of them in their gardens up in the mountains where they live, both normal type and insigne var sanderae, though normal type is more often seen, a lovely place to visit and the portuguese people here is very nice and friendly, really a visit worth🌹🙏👍
Looking good! I will see how the variety discussion plays out. These are always interesting to me.

@JRO What are your growing temperatures? I have an insigne which blooms when it feels like it. I would love to get more regular blooming.

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