Paphiopedilum fairrieanum var. album

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Rick Barry

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Dec 16, 2006
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Here is a Paph fairrieanum album. I don't often get 3 flowers on one plant, so I'm thinking this could be quite a specimen in the future.



One of the nicest I've seen! They look really nicely grown :)

I have one in spike now too, but its on a pathetic little plant that is growing in s/h. Its the only Paph that I have in S/H now, since my Paphs died so quickly that way... its just hanging on, but spiking at least :)

- Matt
I'm not usually drawn to alba's or even the white bloom orchids, but this one really got my attention. I think because the edging gives it such a unique look. This one will be on my 'add to collection' list for sure. Very nice growing and presentation.
It's BEAUTIFUL Rick. I hope mine looks even half that good. I have a fairrieanum half & half X alba Baby Simon in bud for the first time. I watch it like a hawk but you know the old saying, "A watch pot never boils".
:clap: Dazzling flower and there is 3 of them, ok I'm impressed. It just went on my wish list.

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