Paphinia posadarum

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Feb 28, 2016
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Tamworth UK

I brought one this year from a German grower in a large order, I have always wanted one, and this species was on offer think I paid something 10Euros for it. When the plant arrived it was tiny and I didnt think it was flowering size at all.

I know these plant there leaf can easily mark and look really horrilbe but so far i have one brown spot yay. it was been rather easy to be honest and the first spike blasted. I only have one flower but I dont think the flower would normally be so large, when it has multipul blooms on a spike.

It has been teaseing me as the spike first showed the first week, of June and the bud started to open on Monday and fully opened thursday.

I reported this as soon as I received it and got a flower spike a few months later.

I've always stayed clear of these due to there reputation and I'd never seen a reasonable, priced one till this year.

It's still early days, could not make it through the winter
From what pics I have seen it dosent look likenit gets big. Time will tell I assume it would be about a Gongora.
I personally haven't seen these hybrids or heard of them but not Benn looking for them.

I do have a hybrid though with Paphina in it it is yet to flower for me, it seems a vigours grower it's

Houlettia odoratissima und Paphinia neudeckeri.

Hope it will sflower soon.

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